Significant documents about the case

The following is a list of documents which are significant to David Bain’s case. Ian Binnie’s report was originally available on the Ministry of Justice website. It has now been removed, presumably on orders from the National Government. Ian Callinan’s report has also been removed, presumably on orders from the Labour Government Alternative links have been created. 

Testimony not heard at first trial in 1995

  • Statement by Dean Cottle, in June 1994  in which Mr Cottle says Laniet Bain told him her father, Robin Bain “had been having sex with her and this had been happening for years” (from the Appendix to Ian Binnie’s report, Tab H pages 201-205)

Miscarriage of justice

David’s perspective

Psychiatric assessment

Establishing the compensation claim

  • Letter from the law firm of Duncan Cotterill to the Minister of Justice dated 25 March 2010 seeking compensation for David Bain (contained in Appendix to Ian Binnie’s report Tab C page 51)
  • Letter from Hon Simon Power to Ian Binnie dated 10 November 2011 providing the mandate and instructions on the Government’s requirements in the process of assessing David’s compensation claim (contained in Appendix to Ian Binnie’s report Tab D page 66-74.)

Ian Binnie’s report (and subsequent documents)

Ian Callinan’s report

Joe Karam’s final media statement 

Cabinet guidelines on compensation

International law on compensation